Zesta Neon Disney Castle Customized Hologram Lamps

Disney Castle Customized Hologram Lamps

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Customized Hologram Lamps lovers will be simply delighted by this table lamp as it offers a fascinating 3D effect on your life. This is primarily achieved by the flat, clear acrylic lampshade with a laser-cut Customized Hologram Lamps The light of the LEDs, which are built into the glossy chrome base, is refracted by the laser-cut design creating a fascinating hologram. An additional highlight is the fact that the luminous color of the built-in LEDs can be set to different colors, cool white daylight so that the lighting effect can be changed.

  • Color: 8 In-built colors
  • Base: Black
  • Feather Touch
  • Package content: 1 Base, 1 Design Sheet, 1 Rechargeable Battery, and a Charging Cable
  • Material: Acrylic