6 Ways Neon Lights Can Brighten Up Your Business

6 Ways Neon Lights Can Brighten Up Your Business

In bustling streets filled with billboards, posters, hoardings, and other adverts, nothing catches the eye quite like bright illuminated neon signs. Whether you own a bar, restaurant, or a small cafe around the block, neon signages are a great way to brighten up your business. Here are 6 ways neon lights make your business stand out. 

Higher Visibility 

Outdoor advertisements are a more subtle form of marketing. Although they are not meant to aggressively sell your product, among a wide array of similar choices, they are the first thing that engages with a customer. Neon lights can work to elevate the presence of any business can increase their visibility to the passers-by.  

Inexpensive and Energy Efficient

As bright and appealing as neon signs might look, they actually come at nearly half the running cost of a modern lighting installation. Along with that neon lights are loads cheaper to manufacture and have an easy installation and maintenance process.  

Retrofitting With LED

Along with being cheap and efficient, neon lights are also adaptable to modern technologies. Typically, neon lights do not have high energy consumption as some of the other forms of modern lighted billboards, however retrofitting them with LEDs can help to bring down their energy usage even further. Plus, in a world where there is a rising concern for the environment, the flexibility to switch to a more eco-friendly technology is a big added advantage.    

Glowing Bright, Rain Or Shine 

Many businesses around the world use attractive designs to catch the attention of passers-by. Most of such modern forms of lighting installations have the ability to adapt to the lighting conditions of the environs but the cost associated with those technologies is a major downside. Neon lights, on the other hand, have an ever luminescent presence with a striking radiant glow that looks even more magical and appealing at night and rainy weather. 

Flexibility In Design

No matter the complexity of the design, neon lights can be molded into any shape you want. 

Neon lights come in a wide variety of colourful tubes and can be shaped into any creative logo or cursive writing.  


Neon signs are a great value for money. Typically neon lights can be expected to last anywhere from seven to 15 years with little to no maintenance. Neon lights also offer you the leeway to choose from over 100 different colors. 

Need custom signage to increase the visibility of your business? Connect with Zesta Neon to create an amazing-looking neon sign for business. We help you choose from a swathe of different styles, fonts, and sizes and create the perfect neon sign you need to make your business stand out.  

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