Different types of neon lights

Different types of neon lights

Custom neon lights have been in trend for some time now. These lights consist of brightly glowing bulbs or at times electrified glass tubes which contain rarefied neon gases. Neon lights can also be seen as related to fluorescent lighting at times but the neon signs are seen as more durable and efficient. 

 Types of neon signs 

Custom neon infinity boxes

They provide optical illusion by taking the neon tubing and moulding it to a shape of your choice, multiple times.

These are the kinds of designs we see at bars and receptions which grab our attention.

Custom neon on print

Designs are brought to life after we choose a print of our choice and attach it to neon tubing design. It presents beautiful contemporary and colourful styles and allows us to add customisations to it.


Custom neon mirror boxes

Designs are imprinted on a mirror with the help of a laser which makes them low-key eye-catching as the design looks striking against a mirror background. These boxes can be set up anywhere and they make a good gift for people. These boxes add to the style of any restaurant or a cafe. 

Custom neon art 

Neon is being used in contemporary art these days and is really popular. Artists give vent to their creativity by transforming their ideas with neon.  

Traditional and LED neon lights

Traditional neon lights can be classified as hand-crafted glass tubes. They produce lights from the reaction of several inert gases, which emit fluorescent colours when gas atoms release energy. Neon tubes are fragile creations and can be damaged if handled properly. In addition, they are costly to repair and maintain. Apart from that, they consume more energy costs and concerns. However, it has an authentic vintage feel to it, and it's a deciding factor for some people.

LED neon lights use light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that are closely positioned to allow an overlap of emitted light. They are more durable and lighter in comparison to the traditional neon lights. They have a dimming feature and do not need much power to operate.

The LED neon lights have a higher life expectancy and are brighter. They are maintenance-free and easy to install.

Some of the common types of LED neon lights-

-LED Neon Flex

-LED Neon Flex RGB

-LED Flowing Neon 

LED neon lights are used for a variety of applications. The most common among them are as follows-

  1. Architectural lighting-Lighting up staircases and hallways or any part of a room.
  2. Artwork lighting-Artists use this to bring their creations to life and other media applications.
  3. Marine lighting- Decorating yachts and ships.
  4. Home lighting-One can use it to decorate cabinets and other indoor items.
  5. Special Event lighting- Lighting up music systems at a musical event is an example.LEDs make these events more interesting.
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