How To Design A Custom Neon Sign?

How To Design A Custom Neon Sign?

Neon signs are colorful and versatile lighting artwork. They imbue a sense of nostalgia with an artistic retro glow and can be a perfect addition to jazz up your room. But as impressive and dramatic as a finished neon artwork might look, it is actually not that hard to create. You can mold your unique vision in neon lights with added personalizations from your home all by yourself with just a few easy-to-follow steps. 

What Are Neon Lights?

Neon lights are a form of fluorescent light tubes mouldable into any artistic shape, curvy letters, or design. They are used in a wide variety of things, from billboards, products advertisements to writing witty signages around bars and restaurants. Standard neon lights are made using flexible glass tubes that are filled with inert gases like neon and halogen to electrically charge and illuminate the bulb.  

How To Design A Custom Neon Sign With Zesta

Once you have gathered all your thoughts for your creative neon light project, follow the steps given below to fashion your very own custom neon design with Zesta. 

Step 1

Think out of the box. You can create your own neon signage with endless customization at Zesta Neon but first, you need to know what that bright idea will be. 

Customize Your Own Neon at Zesta

Step 2

After coming up with the custom neon text idea, type in the text in the input box. Here you can choose the format, capitalization as well alignment of the text and watch a visual demonstration of your neon idea on your screen. You can even select the size, preferred color, type of design, and choose from a wide variety of fonts for your project. 


Custom Font at Zesta

Step 3

Once you have decided on your custom text, simply add it to your buying cart and order your very own custom neon sign made by Zesta. Neon lights are essentially glass tubes that can be molded into any desired shape. Zesta neon assures you high-quality material and a seamless customer journey to deliver your very own customized neon lighting installation at your doorstep

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