Neon Signs For  Wedding, Engagement and other occasion

Neon Signs For Wedding, Engagement and other occasion

Everybody wishes to have a perfect wedding that means making it the most beautiful day of our lives. So, just to add beauty to the most beautiful day of your lives, bring Neon to it! It can literally be used everywhere possible. From function scenery and welcome signage to bar stylistic layout, showing your name or most loved saying in a neon wedding sign is a reliable manner to make your party pop. Although, how to use this in your wedding?

We have accumulated a few ideas for you to use in your wedding:

Design a Neon Photo Booth 
One of the most important corners of the wedding place, the photography area should be the most lit up and attractive place as it will make your photographs look more pretty.

Make a Candle Lit Sign
Blending a neon sign with candles will give your wedding a sudden and super-attractive gleam. Also, that show-stopping extravagant backdrop adds a portion of dramatization to the space.

Zesta Candle

Florals Set Ups
Light up a floral setup with a neon wedding sign. This glowing design is an ideal method for greeting visitors at your function and sets the vibe for the remainder of the stylistic layout.

Zesta Flower

Light up Your Initials
Customize your wedding by adding a neon sign highlighting your initials. This little signage flaunts your adoration and can without much of a stretch be added to your big day's stylistic layout.

Zesta Neon

Join Your Vows
Give a gesture to your pledges and never-ending love with a basic sign. We love the amazing way the pink neon looks against the verdant setting, even in the light.

Lit up the Dance Floor
People hoping to give their wedding venue a club feel, a custom neon wedding sign can light up any dance floor. It's barely enough to add a touch of light without overexposing those late-night moves.

Make the Puns to be Puntastic
Decorate your wedding with puns that you relate to in life. Making it neon would make it stand out for people who are going to remember them as something special on your wedding day.

Adorn the DJ Booth
Assuming there is one wedding component that consistently goes unrecognized, basically from a visual perspective, it's the DJ stall that is regularly lost in the haze. The best you can do is make sure your wedding does not go bland and you light up your wedding DJ booth with neon lights.

Zesta DJ Booth

At Zesta, we provide you with quality Neon lights that serve multi-purpose experiments. So why not try them for your wedding! Contact us today.

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