Style You Home Bar With These Neon Signs

Style You Home Bar With These Neon Signs

You may have the most exquisite taste in drinks or a fine eye for wine accessories but when it comes to an attractive home bar set up, nothing can be better than neon signages. Neon signs are a classic way to decorate home bars but it can be quite confusing to decide which direction to go with them. In this post, we’ll go over five signs that you can use to liven up your home bar.

Cold Beer Sign 

There’s nothing quite so refreshing as unwinding at your own bar at home. And what better to pair it with than a glass of cold beer. A cold beer sign is simple, straight, and to the point. After a long tiring day, the cold beer sign can remind you to laze a bit in your very own fortress of solitude.  

Cold Beer Sign

Palm Tree

Like the cold beer sign, A palm tree has a cool, sort of soothing vibe to it.  The palm branches signify victory and peace and are popular as a Mediterranean symbol. It can be a great addition to create a tropical ambiance in your home bar.  

Palm Tree by Zesta Neon

A Fruit Sign 

The meaning of having a fruit sign in a bar is vague but that’s kind of the point of it. Why do some people have fake plastic fruits in their living room? Exactly!. A neon fruit sign can be an uplifting addition to your home bar decor in a fun, silly sort of way. You can choose any fruit of your choice. Banana, avocado, and cherry are among the popular fruits for home bar decor. 

Fruit Sign by Zesta Neon

Blackjack Cards Neon Signs 

The rules are simple - you can’t have a drinking night without playing some cards. A game of blackjack or poker goes well with a light drinking session at home. It can even work to create a cool party environment for the night.  


Cards by Zesta Neon

Planet Neon Sign 

The fluorescent lights of neon have a striking glow quite resembling the light coming from a star. It seems like the manifestation of something extraterrestrial and unreal but at the same time very natural. It is also probably the reason why planet and star neon signs are so popular. If you have the taste for such otherworldly ideas, you can deck your home bar with stars and other planetary neon signs. 

Planet by Zesta

There’s a lot of ways you go to deck your home bar with neon signs. If you liked any of our suggestions or have your own inspiration for a neon sign, visit Zesta neon to order in the perfect neon signages to style your home bar. 

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