Top 3 Neon Colors That Says A Lot About Your Personality

Top 3 Neon Colors That Says A Lot About Your Personality

Colors psychology suggests the colors you associate yourself most with can fundamentally determine the way you behave and make decisions in life. Many people are drawn to neon colors because of the enigmatic connotations they can imbue. The 3 most common neon colors - green, blue, and purple may also hold significance for various individuals. In this post, we’ll discuss the top 3 neon colors that tell a lot about your personality. 

UFO Green 

Though green is traditionally seen as the color of nature, in its neon form, it has quite varying meanings. The color UFO green is associated with alien life and other extraterrestrial elements in the universe. If you find yourself having a connection with this color, you are generous, kind, hardworking, and are inclined towards stability. You have a calm and composed personality that exudes warmth and compassion. 


Green - Zesta Neon

Electric Blue

With a personality of electric blue, you imbibe characteristics of peacefulness and calm along with the zest of excitement. The color electric blue is quite the opposite of the original color blue which has historically had the connotation of sadness, dejection, and unhappiness. Electric blue denotes a spark of passion and individuals with a liking towards this color are seen to be charming, impassioned, and innovative leaders in their respective domains.  


Blue - Zesta Neon

Proton Purple

Proton Purple is a color with both cool and warm connotations. In color psychology, proton purple is associated with creativity and spirituality. People who veer towards this color are generally seen to be ambitious, industrious, and driven as well as introspective in their thoughts. Such individuals possess qualities of leadership and are compassionate and empathetic towards their subordinates.   


Purple - Zesta Neon  

The way a person may respond to a particular color cannot be certain and while you may not exhibit all the traits associated with your chosen color, in many cases, that color can hold great significance in your life in unclear or mysterious ways. However, if you did find the qualities and characteristics of your neon color matching with your personality, why not order a custom neon sign in that color? Zesta neon allows you to style your own design of custom neon lightings and order from the comfort of your home. Just visit Create Your Own Neon and bring home colorful neon signs.   

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