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Rewritable Acrylic Message Board With Stand

Rewritable Acrylic Message Board With Stand

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Buy Rewritable Acrylic Message Led Light Board With Stand

We offer a variety of high-quality neon light signs and other lighting products, including rewritable acrylic message boards with stands. These boards are perfect for displaying messages, notes, menus, and other information in a fun and interactive way.

One of the best features of this board is that it is fully rewritable. You can write and erase messages as many times as you want, allowing them to change the information displayed on the board as needed. The board also comes with multiple color markers, making it easy to create eye-catching and colorful displays.

Bored of the same old doodle book? type to upgrade it with a rewritable acrylic message board with a stand. It comes with an LED light so it can also be used as a table lamp.

Connect it to your laptop, power bank, or any mobile adapter to power it on. 

Package Content: 

  • Acrylic message board
  • Stand
  • 11 marker colors
  • cleaning cloth
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